To produce graduate human resources who possess the required qualifications and contribute Myanmar’s education to enable greater knowledge production for the construction of a new modern, developed and peaceful democratic nation.


  • To study the past
  • To understand the present
  • To shape the future
  • To think critically and creatively
  • To help others in their communities, and understand the rights and responsibilities of all citizens.

List of Students

1. First Year 65
2. Second Year
3. Third Year 37
4. Fourth Year 36
5. First Year (Hons:) 3
6. Second Year (Hons:) 15
7. Third Year (Hons:) 8
8. Master 2


YearSemester I & II
First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
First Year (Hons:)
Second Year (Hons:)
Third Year (Hons:)
M.A (First Year)